Crazy Horse Leather

What is Crazy Horse Leather? - To make this crazy horse leather, a special type of wax is applied to full grain leather surface after it's already undergone buffing and smoothing. The wax strengthens the leather fibers such that when they are rubbed or scratched, the leather’s natural color changes its shade without reversing back immediately.

The wax protects the leather fibers from water and other liquids in a far better way than most other substances used to protect leather today. Thus users of products made from crazy horse leather can rest assured that their item will withstand much of what is of concern for most other types of leather.

The most common and popular items made using this leather are leather bags and wallets with a vintage look. Bags made of crazy horse leather are becoming increasingly popular, as they combine luxury, vintage, and antique all wrapped up in one. The leather's unique aging also contributes to its popularity among those who prefer their accessories with an edgy, rustic, character, over items from mass-produced, often sold in fast-fashion chains.