What Is Crazy Horse Leather?

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A new craze is spreading like a bushfire across the globe. Fashion enthusiasts are embracing crazy horse leather items as one of the unique fashion statements in their day to day lives. But what are the facts about crazy horse leather?


Is crazy horse leather made of horse skin?

The name can be somewhat misleading. Crazy horse leather doesn’t come from horses rather it got its name because this type of leather is quite popular with horse saddles. The material is specially processed to have an antique appearance and has been treated to feel and look aged while retaining its toughness. The more one uses it, the better, and the more unique it looks. The preparation is simple yet ingenious. As mentioned above, today the use of crazy horse leather is no longer limited to technical cowboys gear, and in recent years it's been making, slowly but safely, a comeback as a popular material in the fashion industry.

Cowboys in a rodeo show


The making of crazy horse leather

To make this crazy horse leather, a special type of wax is applied to full grain leather surface after it's already undergone buffing and smoothing. This type of wax allows the coloration of the leather surface to change without the colors reversing back immediately. The wax strengthens the leather fibers such that when they are rubbed or scratched, the leather’s natural color changes its shade without reversing back immediately. It is the process of rubbing and altering the colors that bring the antique, vintage appearance that is contributing to the renascence of this unique material and its rising popularity across the globe. Daily use, or continuous rubbing over relatively short periods of time, will allow the color shade to reverse back.

Closely related to how the leather is made are some compelling qualities that result from the process. The wax protects the leather fibers from water and other liquids in a far better way than most other substance used to protect leather today. Thus users of products made from crazy horse leather can rest assured that their item will withstand much of what is of concern for most other types of leather.

Crazy horse leather also tends to stain fabrics or clothing much less relative to most other types of leather, as it does not bear any staining agents that are known to leave stains.


Common uses of crazy horse leather today

Today, crazy horse leather is proving to be the material of choice in making an increasing number of personal accessories. The most common and popular items made using this leather are leather bags and wallets with a vintage look. Bags made of crazy horse leather are becoming increasingly popular, as they combine luxury, vintage, and antique all wrapped up in one. The leather's unique aging also contributes to its popularity among those who prefer their accessories with an edgy, rustic, character, over items from mass-produced, often sold in fast fashion chains.



Crazy horse leather is a unique material, owing its name to its original use as main material in the making of horse saddles. It is produced by applying a certain type of wax onto full grain leather. The wax creates a unique effect – little rubs and scratches will cause small changes to the material's shade. This gives each item a unique rustic, vintage look, which ages beautifully over time. Among the advantages of crazy horse leather are durability, water resistance, significantly reduced staining issues, and of course, its unique look, which combines luxury and vintage roughness.


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