Spring Summer 2018 Fashion Trends

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Spring 2018 Fashion

We have just a few days left for winter to bid us a goodbye. So, it’s high time that you find out what would be the trend for spring summer fashion 2018. This write-up would introduce you to the major trends you will be seeing everywhere during the upcoming spring and summer months.

Jumpsuits, Rompers & Overalls

If you already have a couple of jumpsuits in your wardrobe, you are all set to be the fashion icon this spring/summer. However, if you don’t have any, make sure you get one before the winter comes to an end. The best thing about jumpsuits is that they look good on all kinds of body. What’s more, they also tend to complement the taste of most.

Jumpsuit for spring fashion

Woman in white jumpsuit



Sportswear can never go out of fashion. However, the upcoming season would see sportswear being used in a different way altogether. You will see women wearing sportswear pieces with silk dresses and flowing skirts. The more creative you will be, the more will be the number of likes you will get on social media. #ootd

Woman in sports bra and a jacket

active wear for spring summer 2018



Denim is another thing that has been a trend almost since the time it was first worn by the cowboys. The coming season is believed to see the material become a bigger trend. You will not only see men and women of all age groups wear denim shirts, jackets, trousers, and shorts, but many would also wear denim boots. Stained and painted denim skirts are also set to be favorites of the fashionable women during the coming months.

woman in denim jacket for spring fashionMain in denim jacket for spring fashion


Anything In Pink

Spring is possibly the best time to wear the brightest colors. So, there’s nothing surprising in the fact that this year’s spring would see the color pink rule. So, keep all the pink outfits in your wardrobe ready; you will need them to stay in fashion this spring. If you are buying new clothes and accessories, try to make sure that at least half of them have some touch of bright pink.

Woman in pink top and purse and denim jeansTatooed woman in pink printed top


The Dress And Shirt Combo

If you are not one of those who loves experimenting with clothes, this option is not for you. This, in fact, is a trend everyone with the desire of becoming an eye-catcher should try at least once during the upcoming spring and summer months. The trend began when some women started wearing slip dresses on simple tees. This time, you will be seeing a large number of women wearing all kinds of dresses over all kinds of shirts. You will see the combination of silk outfits on sporty shirts as well as that flowy dresses and leopard print shirts. You can be a little more creative and come up with your own combo; there’s little chance that it will fail to grab the eyeballs this spring/summer.

Woman in shirt and dress combo, layered with a denim jacket

Woman in white shirt


Mix Of Patterns And Prints

Spring is all about colors. Colors also look good on you when the sun shines brightly during the summer months. This would make the combination of fascinating patterns and scintillating prints one of the most followed fashion trends of 2018. Top brands like Marni, Gucci, and Maison Margiela has come up with designs boasting a combination of patterns and prints. Try them out if budget allows and if not use your own creative instincts to fabricate unique combos.

Woman in floral printed one piece dress

Spring fashion catwalk for women


Vintage & Leather Backpacks

No matter what age group you are in, you will never go wrong if you accessorize your look with a vintage leather bag. The upcoming months, however, will see vintage & leather backpacks become the trend. It might appear surprising to you, but these backpacks would complement almost every trend we have discussed so far.

Yes, they would look good even with your bright pink outfits if used intelligently. Imagine yourself wearing a sleeveless white frock with small bright pink prints all over it (make sure the frock is flowy), cut your hair short, wear a pair of white or baby pink sneakers, and pack all your items in a vintage leather backpack. It would give you a look that everyone around you would want to steal.

Woman in denim jumpsuit carrying a vintage leather backpack

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