Shipping and Delivery

We currently ship to the following countries: Germany, U.S., U.K., Canada, Switzerland, France, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Israel. We are making efforts to make our bags available to more countries and will update as we do. 

Most of our bags ship typically within 1-5 business days. We will update your order notification with a tracking code once your bag has been shipped.

As we ship internationally, shipping times may vary from country to country. Average shipping times takes 10 days and shipping times during the holiday season (November-January) may be a little slower.

Unique Hand Made Leather Bags At Great Prices are Worth The Wait!

Please note that due to unexpected delays due to weather and customs processing, sometimes shipping times can be longer. 

Since we offer FREE SHIPPING, this is a cost that we essentially absorbed to provide a more transparent pricing for our customers; your patience in expecting your wonderful bag is much appreciated.

Please check your e-mail on order confirmation to ensure the product color and your shipping address is correct. Yonder Bags can't be held responsible for incorrect addresses and in such cases buyers will be responsible for the additional costs involved on re-shipping. Hence, this is the reason why we have a 1-5 business days processing period, to give customers ample time to correct any errors on the orders.

You can track your bag's shipping status here

Expedite Delivery

Expedite delivery (expected shipping time of within 10 days) is available at an estimated extra surcharge of $25-$50. Please send an e-mail to us immediately for this request after your purchase and we will give you a quotation based on latest shipping price.

Customs Duty

So far we have no issue on Customs Duty in the countries that we served. However, do be reminded that tax laws differ from country to country and sometimes your order may be subject to local tax or import duty. Additional fees such as customs charges may also apply. This is the responsibility of the customer and is out of our control. Under no circumstances will Yonder Bags refund or pay for these fees and it is the customer’s responsibility to confirm what charges there may be prior to placing any orders with Yonder Bags.