10 Fashion Trends for Men for Fall and Winter 2017

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Fall 2017 Fashion Trends for Men

Whether you're more of a summer type or long for white winters, fall just came back for another round. Temperatures drop, leaves change their color to yellow, orange and red, and pumpkins star on ads and decorations everywhere you go. It's time to say farewell to summer's short sleeves and flip flops and move into something more cozy.

If the fall and winter 2017 trends had to be summed up in one sentence, it would be: reinventing of the classics with a touch of fun. Fall outfits for men this year are all about having a little fun with nostalgic trends from an era that seems bygone for millennials today – the 80's and the 90's - and some military inspiration.

So what will you be wearing in fall and winter 2017? We made you this list with what we believe are going to be hot trends.

Quilting and Down Jackets

Quilting and Down Jackets are, for the lack of a better word, HUGE this fall and jackets and coats come with this puffy goodness in all shapes and sizes. Lightweight and yet definitely comfortable and warm, quilted jackets and down jackets are a cool and elegant solution for those chilly early mornings and evenings of the fall.

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Packable Down Jacket
Dickies Men's Water Resistant Diamond Quilted Nylon Jacket

Bomber Jackets

Another classic that's been doing a comeback in recent years is the bomber jackets, a.k.a flight jackets. Bomber jackets are one of fall 2017's hottest trends and radiate their cool, jet fighter pilot aura everywhere you go. Just add Ray Bans and tell your friends you parked the F-15 around the block!

Rothco Ma-1 Flight Jacket 
Alpha Industries Men's MA-1 Blood Chit Flight Bomber Jacket

Olive Greens

Olive green is probably the fashion savior for workwear. Appropriate for those formal settings, yet fresher than black or navy, olive green garments blend seamlessly into your formalwear wardrobe while still ensuring you make a pronounced fashion statement this fall. More trending colors this fall are mustard orange and burgundy red.

Levi's Men's Performance Cotton Fishtail Parka Jacket
London Fog Men's Austin Double Breasted Wool Pea Coat

Fall 2017 trends are about to feature lots and lots of layering with oversize coats and jackets, for which turtleneck sweaters and t-shirts make the right kind of undershirt. There is a geek chic about it and a simultaneous need to be cozy and comfortable in your clothing, above everything else.

Calvin Klein Men's Merino Turtleneck Sweater

Calvin Klein Men's Merino Turtleneck Sweater

H2H Mens Slim Fit Turtle Funnel Neck Drawstring Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater

H2H Mens Slim Fit Turtle Neck Drawstring Sweater

Shearling Coats

A shearling coat is another wardrobe staple that is also the most convenient at keeping you warm, so it’s great news indeed that they are at the fashion center point this fall. Also, with the whole olive green, boots and shearling coat combinations, do you see a major military influence here?

Levi's Men's Faux-Shearling Trucker Jacket

Levi's Men's Faux-Shearling Trucker Jacket

Levi's Men's Sherpa Trucker Jacket

Flannel Shirts

Yes, they are so 90's, but they're also totally back into our closets. Flannel shirts are very versatile and depending on what you wear with them, can add to the lumberjack look, the grunge look, or even the hipster look. Flannel shirts are essential this fall and would go perfectly with your favorite jeans, boots and beany. 

Legendary Whitetails Men's Navigator Fleece Button Down Shirt

Legendary Whitetails Men's Navigator Fleece Button Down Shirt

Rothco Heavy Weight Plaid Flannel Shirt

Oversized Everything

Coats, jackets, sweaters, parkas – you name it, you’ll find an oversized version of it. After a series of seasons of skinny everything, it is now time to let go of the snug stitching and cozy up to roomy silhouettes that are a 90's nostalgia again, but more importantly, they accommodate for some fantastic layering this winter (which you’ll agree is more of a necessity than a trend). The turtlenecks and the oversize outerwear work together to create layering that isn’t too overwhelming. However, balance the silhouette with skinny bottoms and sleek shoes.

 Abetteric Men Hood Oversized Knit Thick Vogue Cardigan Sweater Tank Top
GUESS Men's Drape Front Cardigan

Combat Boots

Combat boots have been around for a while and they still have the legs to run all through fall this year. The only difference is the way they are getting styled this season. A shift from the previous black and grey palette, combat boots are getting paired with softer neutrals, olive green and lots of colors too. But you know what they say, there are no actual rules in fashion and it’s all subjective. Rock your combat boots whichever way you want and they’ll still look as tough as they always do.

Timberland Men's Earthkeepers Rugged Boot
Steve Madden Men's Troopah Lace-Up Boot

Desert Boots

The millennial lifestyle of travel as an essential hobby has slowly but steadily made its way into fashion expression. Originally made for military purposes, over the years desert boots have evolved into more elegant footwear, not just meant to wear when you’re traveling or hiking. These boots would go well with almost everything, whether you want to look for the casual look or for a more professional environment.  

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Desert Wind Chukka Boot
Hush Puppies Men's Desert II Chukka Boot
Fall is many's favorite time of the year, not only for its beautiful colors but also for the homey, cozy atmosphere that comes along with it. As temperatures drop, jackets, scarves, sweaters and hats become essential to keep us warm, as well as to make us stand out from the crowd. We hope this list gave you some ideas for the fashion trends and outfits this fall, and made it just a little easier to decide what you'll be wearing this season.

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