10 Fashion Trends for Women for Fall and Winter 2017

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Fall 2017 Fashion Trends for Women

Fall is here again, It's time to say farewell to summer's short sleeves and flip flops and slip into something more cozyFrom the runways to the streets, here is our list of the hottest fall fashion 2017 trends that you should get your hands on immediately.

So what will you be wearing this fall and winter? Read on to find out!


Trench Coats

The waist is the body part to focus on this fall, with the whole hourglass being the most coveted body shape this year (if you binge-watch workout videos on YouTube, munching on a bag of chips, you know what I mean). Trench coats are the perfect fall outfits that feature the waist-cinching silhouettes to perfection while still keeping you warm and dry.


Cable Knit Sweaters

The Hygge trend took the world by storm mid last year and doesn’t seem to slow down yet. For the uninitiated, Hygge is the Danish lifestyle of cozy comfort. One look at the warm fuzzy cable knit sweaters and you know why they’re a part of fall 2017 fashion trends. These chunky knitwears instantly remind you of the comfort of sipping a coffee looking out the window watching the fallen leaves piling up, even though you might still be slogging away at work. Bourgeoisie life, sigh.


The 90's Denim

As with every other aspect of the millennial nostalgia, denim – the most staple item in fashion – gets a 90's makeover too. Mid to high rise and/or cropped, with that slightly slouchy feel typical of that era, these may not always be baggy, as the skinny trend isn’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon, but they do sometimes come with their ends frayed.

Plaid Jackets

Plaid alternatively hits the runways for Spring this year and Fall that year, and I guess Fall is the chosen season for this year. However, it’s not the 90s grunge look you immediately picture Kurt Cobain in. Rather, this season, plaid takes on a more sophisticated, and in turn, more high fashion avatar in its softer palette and monochromatic shades.


Faux Fur

The seduction and appeal of fur are irrefutable. But fashionistas are opting for the more responsible option of faux and it comes in various forms too – solids, animal prints, collar and cuff accents or head to toe indulgence. It’s all one big warm and fuzzy feeling, and loads of that 70's vintage vibes.


Victorian high collars

In yet another throwback, the modern high neck collar is vintage-ized (that’s not even a word, but you guys understand what I mean) with generous uses of ruffles and lace, or, ruffled lace. It is yet another attempt at keeping things feminine this Fall, after the whole androgynous excess from last year, but in a softer, romantic way.

Essentialist Women's Silky Crepe High Neck Victorian Long-Sleeve Blouse

 Oversized sweaters and cardigans

Blame it on the Hygge obsession again, but oversize sweaters are all about hanging on to that cozy, fuzzy feel that lifestyle shifts like Netflix and chill have caused us to appreciate. It is also a veritable nod to the ‘I’m not just about clothes and shoes but what lies within’ phenomenon that women today are fighting hard to generate, and rightly so. The quest is to minimize time and effort put into dressing up and nourishing the mind and soul instead.

Floral Prints

Florals are generally associated with spring and summer, but this year’s fall fashion lineup keeps them going into fall. The floral prints will add a splash of color to the classic smokey browns of fall, and add a little sense of boho-warmth.


Brown Suede Boots

Another essential in your fall wardrobe, the brown suede shoes are back for another round. Though they come in many lengths and versions, our favorites are the short Chelsea booties that go with practically everything! And don't you just love the sound they make with every step you make? Well, who doesn't?


Combat-style boots

Combat boots are back in style this Fall 2017 after the sleek, pointy bootie phase the past couple of seasons. Add to that, biker details like zips going along the sides and quilts and button details, and you have a trend that’s meant sole-ly (see what I did there?) for the tough chick in you.

Fall is many's favorite time of the year, not only for its beautiful colors but also for the homey, cozy atmosphere that comes along with it. As temperatures drop, jackets, scarves, sweaters and hats become essential to keep us warm, as well as to make us stand out from the crowd. We hope this list gave you some ideas for the fashion trends and outfits this fall, and made it just a little easier to decide what you'll be wearing this season.

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