What Does Your Bag Say About You?

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Man holding a leather backpack

For most of us, the bag that we carry around every day is often an afterthought, meant to serve the function of carrying our stuff from point A to point B. However, your bag can say a lot about you to others, whether you like it or not, and carrying the wrong bag at the wrong time could potentially ruin your entire look and image. And no one wants to send the wrong message, right? A businessman wouldn't want to be caught wearing his college days' travel backpack, just as a young fashionable woman would probably not carry a military canvas messenger bag.

We've already mentioned some of the different types of bags and things to consider while buying a bag. This time, in order to make sure that you choose the right bag to match your lifestyle and personality, we made you a quick guide – what does your bag say about you?

Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags are probably the least formal type of bags. They are mostly used to serve a specific purpose – just a bag to throw your keys, wallet or towel inside. Generally speaking, drawstring bags are an extension to your jeans pockets, and that's exactly what they project – going to the gym, beach or to a party. To us, drawstring bags remind a day out in the summer. They give their carriers a very young, fresh and casual image. 

Messenger Bags

Originally used for messengers carrying info in times of war, today messenger bags are considered durable, convenient and practical for daily commuters and cyclists. These bags have been popular among students and young professionals for years. While nylon messenger bags are usually considered more square, that is, unless you're an actual messenger, messenger bags made of canvas contribute to an edgier rock-star look. If you’re going for that look and the more rugged the bag is, the better.

A leather messenger bag, is on a whole different level, combining the messenger bag's functionality with the luxury and style of leather. Whether you prefer the more luxury smooth leather or a bag with more of a vintage look, a leather messenger bag states clearly – you care about aesthetics, and you're willing to put the extra buck to have the right style.

Brown leather messenger bag

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Backpacks are probably the most common bags and for a good reason. Function wise, with most backpacks you can do just about anything – take them to work, study, the gym or a day trip. And since they're so popular, naturally many styles and types of backpacks have evolved to serve different looks and purposes.

Zipper Backpack will fit great if you're a student or on your way to the gym, as they project a casual vibe. One level up are the branded outdoor backpacks, which are often made of higher quality materials, have many compartments for better organization, and are generally very practical for everyday use or a day of hiking. These backpacks are often considered as young and casual, and more professional than the simpler zipper backpacks. 

Canvas or leather backpacks are considered more stylish. Matching the current hipster trend of rustic aesthetics, leather backpacks, as well as canvas backpacks, help convey the message that you also care about style, no longer just about function. Backpacks made of canvas and leather often have this authentic vintage look, which helps in achieving a unique mature look. People carrying these types of bags are usually perceived as more artistic and mindful to aesthetics.

Man with a backpack in a forest

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Duffle Bags

Duffle bags have been making a huge comeback in recent years, and come in many versions and materials. While the lighter nylon duffel bags are mostly used to carry sports equipment to the gym, canvas and leather duffle bags have become more popular among elegant frequent travelers.

Carrying a travel duffle bag means a number of things: Firstly, carrying a duffle travel bag is less square than rolling a suitcase; Secondly, well done, you've managed to avoid the annoying ever-growing airline charges for checked-in luggage (and that's probably the main reason for the increase in popularity); And thirdly, having a travel duffle bag shows you care about your style.

A canvas travel duffle bag is the perfect combination of functionality and style, and also has this young, kind of a wild look. Leather travel duffle bags give their owner a 'heavier', richer look. Both canvas and leather travel bags are very convenient and have been on a rise for a while now.

Canvas duffle bag

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To conclude, the bag you carry isn't only there to help you carry. Your bag is probably the most central accessory that goes with you everywhere, and just like you choose your clothes to express your unique personality, so you should choose your bag. In addition to the type and function of the bag, you may also want to consider its general material - while nylon bags are perceived as more casual, canvas, and especially leather bags usually have a more mature, vintage, and sometimes even more exclusive looks.


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