Different Types of Bags to Complete Your Luggage, Your Look, and Your Life

Canvas Backpack with papers

An often overlooked fashion accessory, bags have risen in popularity over the years. However, if you're looking for the perfect bag to accentuate your style, a vintage bag can be an excellent option for an addition to any virile and sophisticated look. With dozens of different types of bags (and there are literally endless types of backpacks alone), you can perfectly match your satchel to your own personalized sensible fashion sense. Below, we’ll take a look at three of the most popular, but very different, vintage bag types to help you gain a better understanding of what each type of bag has to offer your look and luggage. 

When discussing the modern trends in bags, the messenger bag has been one of the most popular bags carried mostly by men over the past few decades, but the style goes back much further than that. Carried for centuries by everyone from mailmen to soldiers, and writers to mechanics, the messenger bag is the perfect everyday carry option and comes in many different styles whether you're carrying tools, pens and paper, the daily mail, or secret intel from the western front.


vintage messenger bag

Now that's one fine looking vintage messenger bag

Another popular modern style that dates back to the early 20th century is the duffle bag, which was originally used as an army bag. Duffle bags owe their name to the Belgian town Duffel, where the thick cloth originally used to make the army bags originated. Today duffle bags are often used to carry sports equipment or as luggage, and in recent years they have gained growing popularity as a must-have fashion accessory. Duffle bags have had many names over the years and their different versions include kit-bags (in their use as military bags), travel bags, overnight bags, carry all bags, weekend bags, and weekender bags.

a modern duffle bag waiting to go on a journey

A duffle bag waiting to go on its next journey

Finally, if you're looking into more durable and inclusive types of bags, for outdoor work, or strenuous labor, there are a multitude of types of backpacks to keep you in the game while keeping with your vintage motif. With options in varying materials, including leather, suede, and cloth, and different cuts and styles, a vintage backpack is a great option for travel, hiking, or everyday carry. With most vintage backpacks having multiple pockets, and a larger main pocket, a backpack can carry everything from books to school or work, to food and camping supplies onto a mountain side exploration.

A man with a yellow backpack at a trainstation

There are many types of backpacks, but only few will match your style.

As you can see, there are as many types of vintage bags as there are types of people and their varying styles. Taking a moment to look into different types of bags can help you determine just which vintage bag is right for your look, your luggage, and your life.


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