5 Must Haves in your Carry On Luggage

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Summer is just around the corner, the high season for traveling. If you are planning to take a long flight, you will need to take with you a few important items in your hand luggage. Let's have a look at five must-haves in your carry-on luggage.


1. Documents

These are the first things you pack before anything else. Documents include your visa, passport, flight itinerary, boarding pass, a copy of the hotel booking, and a copy of prior transport arrangements. Leaving behind any of these items could ruin your vacation and potentially your entire summer. 

Don't forget your passport...


2. Earplugs and eye mask

These items will rescue you from an annoying passenger with too many unsolicited stories. A long flight will wear you out, and you might require some sleep. A pair of earplugs will guarantee you some peace while sleeping. Ensure you pack these in your carry-on luggage especially if you are on a flight with overexcited toddlers.


3. Entertainment gear

You might have hopped on a plane in your last trip, and were forced to watch a movie from the eighteenth century. You ought to have learned your lesson and compiled a few of your favorite songs in your iPod or laptop. These items should follow in your travel bag to avoid a repetition of the above scenario. If you are a reader, a novel or a favorite magazine will make the flight hours less annoying.

Laptop, book, headphones and phone - some of the things to take in your carry on


4. Clothing and Freshening up

Always pack an extra set of clothing in case of accidents. You or a clumsy passenger might spill something on your clothes. Flying while wet is nobody's dream. Pack another outfit in your carry-on luggage if you plan to attend a function immediately after landing. You might not get enough time to dig into your suitcases to fish out an outfit. A toothbrush will come in handy after landing especially if you arrive in the morning. Morning breath is nobody's cup of tea.


5. Valuables

Your money, camera, laptop, jewelry, keys, and your phone should be packed in your carry-on luggage. These items are as important as the travel documents. A smaller purse inside the main bag will be ideal for storage of the valuables in case your carry-on luggage is put far away from your seat.


There you go summer travelers. Enjoy the sandy beaches, get that tan. Keep in mind to inquire from the airline about the acceptable hand luggage to avoid confrontation with the airport security. This packing guide is your ticket to a worry-free summer holiday.

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